Virginia Beach Wedding Photography during Covid 19

It has been challenging to say the least as I have photographed couples and their families, albeit small events whether inside or outside. While wearing a mask for several hours, I have a deep respect for health care workers who must endure all day coverage wearing PPE, and treating patients. Protecting others from my germs, and appreciating those family members who have worn theirs. I continue to wear my mask for outside weddings, as I feel like germs can float about in any direction with the wind. I photograph a lot of beach weddings, and the winds are constantly changing.

I am constantly washing my hands or using hand sanitizer when out. I have collected a couple pretty cool masks off of Etsy, and I’m sure to wash them once I get home. I had bought a couple jersey type cotton masks, and I just hated them because they were harder to breath in and constantly went into my mouth when I spoke, so double or triple lined cotton has been my favorite.

We are very blessed that our family has been safe from the virus, as we have all taken precautions, and I hope and pray that anyone reading this has the same good fortune our family has!

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